It seems like there’s no need to introduce one of the most favored Apple mobile apps, iTunes. That’s your user-friendly and reliable guide to the world of music, videos, and podcasts. Stream, download, play offline — the list of possibilities to apply to your treasured content is almost limitless with iTunes.

Original Apple music platform was launched in 2003, so this year the prominent app celebrated its 15th anniversary. We are sure all the iTunes fans have something to remember for all of these years. Maybe your first date was held to the music sounds coming from your iTunes app? Or perhaps iTunes and your headphones saved you from the sleepless night in the noisy train? Everybody has its personal story about iTunes, but there is a shared history for all the app users. Let’s remember fifteen years of iTunes with the following milestones.

  1. iTunes sold over one million songs in the first week after its launch. This is how it became the most popular music app at once and made Apple the most extensive online music company.

  2. iTunes is also known as a kickstarter for iPod sales. In the first week after release, the iPod sales reached more than 130,000. If you started with iTunes a long time ago, you probably also undergo the iPod trend.

  3. When iTunes just launched, there were 200,000 songs available within the app. In the first week, more than million of songs were sold to users.

  4. Some songs themselves became the milestones for iTunes:

  • Avril Lavigne “Complicated” was the 10 million song sold.

  • "Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" by Frank Sinatra was the 25-millionth song sold.

  • "Somersault (Danger Mouse remix)" by English electronic band Zero 7 was the 100-millionth song sold.

  • "Mississippi Girl" by Faith Hill was 500-millionth song sold.

  • "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay was the 1-billionth song sold.

  • "Guess Things Happen That Way" by Johnny Cash was the 10-billionth song sold.

  1. Over 50 million songs are available nowadays for iTunes users. That’s a whole lot, we need to say! But is this enough for you?

We could recount the facts about iTunes for pages. However, we think everyone of you loves iTunes not for these cool numbers but for the great features and opportunities it provides. Let’s continue to discover its specialties and stay the iTunes devoted users. Because this app really worth it.