Free Music on iTunes

iTunes is widely known as an online store and a paid music distribution platform. Not many of its users know that there are a few ways of getting music from iTunes for free. And all of those ways are absolutely legal, and you don’t have to be an Internet nerd to figure them out.

How to Get Free Music on iTunes

  1. The first way of getting free music on iTunes is to find it in free offers that make an essential part of iTunes music services. Each day iTunes used to choose a song you could download for free. The offer was active only during the next 24 hours; and then the iTunes team selected another song. With the launch of Apple music, this service has been discontinued. Not long after that iTunes has launched a Single of the Week initiative to help new artists with the promotion of their songs. This service has been deactivated too, but you still can try your luck with iTunes free content by clicking on quick links and choosing ‘Free on iTunes’. Browse the list of music available for free download and click on the songs you want to get.

Another way of getting free music from iTunes is to look out for promotional offers. Some artists choose to distribute their music for free, sometimes even through services that are mostly used for paid content. And don’t underestimate free iTunes radio features, they are filled with worthwhile music too. To keep up with promotional offers sign up on iTunes mailing list and get personal updates on all their free music.

  1. You can also upload to iTunes free songs you got from other Internet resources, like MP3juices, Emp3z, and Zing MP3. There’s a bunch of indie websites with free music uploaded by artists themselves. Noise Trade and Bandcamp are the biggest ones of these platforms. After the download, choose ‘File’ in the options bar on the upper left, then ‘Add File To Library…’ and navigate to the location where the download is stored, choose the songs you want to add and click ‘Open’. If the extension of the songs is right, they will be presented in your iTunes library.

  2. The most obvious way of getting free music is to create an Apple music account and get one month of free trial with access to more than 45 million songs. After the first month’ however’ you will have to pay $9.99 per month (and $4.99 if you’re a student). With Apple Music, you have the option of adding songs into your library but cannot download them or play on other music players.

iTunes Music Perspectives

iTunes has never been a free platform, and it’s most likely that it won’t share its music resources for free. Today subscription has taken place of usual iTunes shopping, and Apple Music is a much more extensive service.