Restore iPhone without iTunes

Technology is on the rise nowadays, a lot of people were encouraged to use the iPhone/iPad because
they get satisfied by the application that’s installed to the iPhone/iPad. Its features are incredibly
amazing because of its updated version.

But what if as times goes by, and your iPhone/iPad has some issues that you have to resolve, but you
have to restore it without using iTunes.

iTunes is very much useful for your iPhone/iPad. It can surely restore your data’s or your factory reset to
your iOS device whenever your device is frozen, locked or even dead. Who wouldn’t get devastated with
that kind of issue? Nevertheless, there are so many issues that you want to factory reset the iPhone or
iPhone date without iTunes.

What to do if you don’t want to add more destruction to your phone while you are restoring the issue
on your phone? And you don’t want to spend more money to restore your phone? And you want to look
for an article where you can get all the information to resolve the damage on your phone? Well, you are
lucky because you’ve come to the right article.

We will assure you that you will learn every possible way for you to know and no longer worry about it.
Just by simple reading and understanding the tips that are included in this article, there is no doubt that
you can learn the steps in enabling your iPhone or even iPad by yourself.

A Specific Way to Restore iPhone Firmware without iTunes

We provided you a great list of tools that will help you restore your iPad/iTunes without using your
iTunes application.

  • The First step that you have to do to restore your iPhone without using iTunes is to launch
    the program.
  • Choose more tools and find the iOS system recovery
  • Then follow the steps and click the START and connect your iOS device to your computer
  • Because the iPhone doesn’t have a real button, it’s a little different from other devices. You
    can choose the other corresponding methods to get in recovering mode or DFU mode
  • And you can select the advanced mode that it would erase all the data in your device
  • When the device connects to the computer, check the information and make sure that they
    are correct.
  • Then select the firm where you want to recover or download the latest firmware
  • In the end, tap the repair and wait the program recover your device
  • After that, your device will restart and go back to normal

These few easy and simple steps will help you restore your iPhone/iPad firmware without using any
iTunes application.

STEPS If In Case Your Iphone Is Disabled or Locked, and You Want to Enable It Without Using The

How can you enable your iPhone in case it becomes disabled or locked without using the iTunes? This
means that primarily sometimes your phone gets kind of locked up and you are not able to use it means
you need to reboot it.

If you forgot the password of your iPhone or if your phone has been disabled, then you have come to
the right article.

Not just get your disabled iPhone to fix without using any iTunes application, but it can also be a big help
to restore a lot of issues in your iPhone. In addition, it will be easy for you to use it because the steps
that we have provided are reliable and self-comprehensive learning making it an essential to iOS tool.

What we’re going to show you here is the step by step process in case your iPhone is disabled and you
want to enable it without using any iTunes application to enable it.

  • Hold down the only button on the wall and the top button of your home screen of your
    iPhone. Press and hold both button until the phone goes off.
  • You will get the little apple icon that indicates that you are starting to reboot your phone
    that will take a few moments.
  • Once it appears again, it means that you rebooted your phone very similar to rebooting a
  • And now you can slide to unlock, and you will be able to use your phone again with a fresh

And again, that is how you can enable your iPhone in case it is disabled or locked without using any
iTunes. Next time your friend’s iPhone gets disabled or locked; do not hesitate to help him/her to enable
their phones without using any iTunes.

What Does It Mean If You Restore Your Iphone Without Itunes?

So what are the chances and possibilities that might happen if you restore your iPhone? And you want
to save all the data, files and documents from your phone but you don’t know what to do.

Resolving the issues in your iPhone will be resolve if you decided to reboot it. But what happens when
you reboot your phone? It only means that you will lose all your saved data, files and documents from
your phone.

Want to have a copy of your data, files, and documents? Copy paste all the essential data, files and
documents from your phone to your personal computer. Now you don’t have to worry about losing all
your important data, files and documents that you have on your phone.

Restore Iphone between Restore Backup, What’s The Difference?

Restoring your iPhone means you are going to resolve all the issues or the damages occurred in your
iPhone without using any iTunes application, you can learn the step-by-step of restoring your iPhone
without iTunes as mentioned above. And when we say restoring your iPhone with a backup, it only
means that you will restore and resolve all the issues and damages that have occurred in your phone by
using the help of the iTunes application.

We hope you have learned a lot from this article about restoring your iPhone without using any iTunes
application. You can learn it at home or watch it on YouTube.