Creating Free iTunes Account If you use iTunes or any other products that require your Apple ID, you probably know that in order to log in you have to enter your credit card data. Some users have had troubles with apps they no longer use that have been withdrawing money from their accounts. And parents haven’t been able to trace their kids’ in-app purchases. They can rest easy now, as we’ve found the way to create free iTunes account. Free iTunes Account: Mac / PC instruction Open iTunes on your computer. You can download it on Click the iTunes store button. Search for any free app that’s in store and try to download it. The pop-up window will appear asking you to sign in to be able to download the app. Click on ‘Create Apple ID’ You will be directed to iTunes store page, click the ‘Continue’ button on the bottom right. Then Read the iTunes terms and conditions and agree to them. Fill in your name, password and birth date and click ‘Next’ button. Payment Type choice will appear on the next page, with ‘None’ as the last in a line of the options. Fill in your billing address, and don’t forget about the postcode and phone number. Then click on the ‘Create Apple ID’ button. You will receive a verification e-mail to the address you indicated. Verify it from your mail service, and it’s done! After signing into iTunes without the credit card, you will be able to download any free content there is on iTunes and App Store. Free iTunes Account: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Instruction The easier way of creating free iTunes account on iOS devices is through the App Store, as iTunes version for iOS is more a music player than a multi-store. Launch the App Store on your device. Search for any app that’s available for download and tap ‘Download’. The pop-up window will appear asking you to log in or create an Apple ID, tap ‘Create New Apple ID’. You will be prompted to choose your country. As a matter of fact, you can create an iTunes account in any country you like to have the opportunity of downloading free apps available for a limited number of App Stores. Choose the country you want and tap ‘Next’. Then read the terms and conditions and agree to them. Enter your personal data and tap ‘Next’. In the next window among all the payment methods available for you to choose, tap on ‘None’, and then the ‘Next’ button. Enter the valid billing address, your phone number and email. Once more tap ‘Next’. You will be directed to the Verification screen, open your email client and tap on the link that has been sent to you, then tap on the ‘Done’ button. Congratulations! From now on you have an Apple ID that is not attached to your credit card and a wide range of free downloadable apps to choose from. Enjoy Your Free Apps As you’ve probably understood by now, enjoying a free iTunes account doesn’t take a lot of your time and effort. Just follow the steps provided in our article. If you already have an Apple ID, sign out of it. To sign out on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, navigate to iTunes & App Stores settings in your Settings app. Tap on your Apple ID and then on ‘Sign Out’. To sign out on Mac/PC, open iTunes, go to the Store menu and click on the ‘Sign Out’ button. As you can see, everything about your Apple ID is as easy as it may seem!   Continue Reading iTunes for Windows 10: Installation Guide It’s not a secret that bugs may occur when you switch between platforms from today software giants Apple and Microsoft. And although both platforms have great apps for organizing multimedia files, it’s advantageous when software developers make versions of our favourite apps compatible with other platforms. iTunes is probably the most convenient media store and organizer, and many Windows users don’t want to replace it with dubious soft from other producers. If you want to have your iTunes library and iTunes login on PC, follow our Download and Installation instructions. iTunes Download and Installation Open up the browser you use on your PC and navigate to official Apple page. You can either enter ‘iTunes download’ in your search tap or go to Click the ‘Download Now’ button at the bottom of the page and let iTunes download to your PC. When the installation file is downloaded, click ‘Run’ and then ‘Next’. Set all the installation options the way they suit you and click ‘Install’. Click ‘Finish’ when the installation is over. Creating iTunes login on PC If you already have iTunes on other devices, logging into its Windows version is easy. Just open ‘Account’ option in the iTunes menu bar in the top-left corner, click ‘Sign In’, and enter your Apple ID credentials into the empty fields. If you don’t have an Apple ID yet, don’t panic. You don’t need an Apple device to create one. Click ‘Account’ button in the iTunes menu bar, then click ‘Sign In’ and ‘Create New Apple ID’. After that Apple lets you know all the terms and conditions of using iTunes, read them and click the checkbox next to them, then ‘Agree’. After that enter your email address and create a password. Make sure your password is of high security and enter it again to verify. To make your profile more secure choose the security question below and type an answer to it. You must provide your birth date to have access to all types of iTunes content and attach your credit card to the account to be able to pay for movies and music and add them to your iTunes library. You can enter your birth data right after password verification. Choose the day, month and year of your birth in the dropdown fields. Then choose to edit your payment information. Type your card number, its expiration date, and its security code. You will also need to enter your billing address and your phone number when you’re finished with the card information. After filling in all the required fields, click ‘Create Apple ID’ to get a verification email. Enter your electronic mail client and verify the email, then click ‘OK’ button. iTunes Authorization Authorizing iTunes on your computer means getting access to the library it shares with other devices. You can have up to five different devices authorized for one iTunes account. To authorize your Windows PC launch iTunes and click ‘Account’ in the menu bar on the top-left of your screen. Choose ‘Authorizations’, then ‘Authorize This Computer’. Enter your Apple ID password and click ‘Authorize’. To deauthorize your computer, repeat all the steps from authorization instruction but click ‘Deauthorize This Computer’ instead of authorizing it. Don’t Miss iTunes Possibilities iTunes is a great app for bringing your media files in order. It’s quick, polished and absolutely free. Even if you’re an ardent Microsoft user and don’t have any devices from Apple, it’s worth a try.   Continue Reading How to Put an App on the App Store App Store is the first place you go to when you need some useful or funny apps to instal to your device. But what about uploading your own app? Is it expensive? Is it legal? Is it possible at all? Find the answers to all of your questions in our guide. Step-by-Step Submission Before submitting an app make sure that your app project meets all the necessary Apple requirements. It’s strictly recommended to create a table with all the information you may need for a successful upload. Everything from the name of your app and its icon design to its representatives on the web must be listed in it. Make sure you have such prerequisites as Xcode and Keychain Access apps and your computer runs Mac OS X. Create a bundle identifier, the name of your app that will be seen by iOS users on their devices and in Apple Store. To make it, find Apple’s Developer Portal in your browser, log in and click the ‘Identifiers’ button, then add App ID. Make sure your App name is made according to the naming convention and check if your app needs any Apple Services. Then click ‘Submit’. With the help of KeyChain Access create a certificate signing request. In the menu find ‘Certificate Assistant’ option and click ‘Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority’. Enter your email address and the app name, mark ‘Save to Disk’  and click ‘Continue’. Link your app to your Apple developer account with the help of Code Signing Certificates. Open Apple Developer Portal in your browser and click ‘Certificates’ button, then choose ‘App Store Production’ and upload the certificate signing request you’ve made in the previous step. Download code signing certificate and save it on your computer. Log into Apple Developer Portal in your browser, click the ‘Provisioning Profiles’ button, then choose ‘App Store Distribution’ option and select the Bundle ID for your app. Select the certificate and check out the app name one more time. Click ‘Generate’ button and download the provision profile. Install the profile on your computer. In your browser login to iTunes Connect and click ‘My Apps’, add ‘New iOS App’ with newly created Bundle ID. Click ‘Create’ to get an App Store Listing (it will automatically reserve a slot for your app in the App Store). Start Xcode app, open the project. Update your app version and its build members. Click on the ‘Build Settings’ and make sure all the settings you need are selected and proceed to ‘Code Signing’. Here you will need the provisioning profile from paragraph 6 and the code signing certificate from paragraph 5. In the main menu, select ‘Generic iOS Device’ as your destination or choose your actual device connected to the computer. Click on ‘Project’, then ‘Archive’ and ‘Distribute’. Then sign in to your Apple Developer account and submit the app to App Store. The submission has to be confirmed by the store. Fill in the info on this version of the app. The best way is to transfer it from the table you made in paragraph 1. After filling all the information you have, select the build you want to tie to the version. The last thing to fill in is the price info. Save the changes. Note that version information must be thorough and clear, as it will introduce the app to the users. Submit your version of the review for the app. Apple team will do their own review based on the information provided by you. Select the type of your release: Manual release will let you submit it after the Apple team accepts it; Automatic release will appear on App Store right after approval. It may take several weeks for Apple to approve or decline your app release. If it wasn’t approved, you would get a list of necessary changes from the Apple team. Enjoy Your Successful Release If Apple approves your app, you will receive a notification. Then just click ‘Release’ button if your‘ expectations chosen Manual release in paragraph 10 or simply wait until it gets a ‘Ready for Sale’ status. It may take up to 24 hours. Then find the app in the App Store and celebrate your success!   Continue Reading Buying iPhone Apps With iTunes Gift Card iTunes gift card is something you can give to your friends and relatives so they can choose an app, a music album or a book to buy from Apple services. If someone has purchased a card ahead of you or you got one as a gift from Apple team, here’s how you can use it. How to Buy Apps With iTunes Gift Card First of all, check your iTunes gift card balance. You can find it in the iTunes app on your device after redeeming the card. If you want to spend your gift money on PC, first make sure if you have iTunes app installed. Then act according to the instructions from the previous paragraph. Go to the iTunes store and make sure you are signed into your account or create one. There’s a box with quick links buttons on the right. Find the ‘Redeem’ button and click on it. A pop-up window with empty fields will appear. Enter the information of your gift card, click ‘Redeem’, and your iTunes balance in the top of the screen will change. If you want to use your iOS device, tap the iTunes icon on your home screen for purchasing music or App Store icon for buying apps. If you entered the iTunes app, scroll to the button of the page and tap ‘Redeem’. If you’re in the App Store, tap the ‘Featured’ button, then ‘Redeem’. Enter the gift card code in the blank field and tap ‘Redeem’ button again. The amount will automatically appear in your account data. What to Buy With iTunes Gift Card Everything from iTunes, App Store and iBooks content is available for purchase with your redeemed gift card. You can browse through the media content in the iTunes PC app and choose from Apps, Music, Movies or Books. Every item has a button with the dollar amount indicated, click on it to pay. Each payment needs to be confirmed with your Apple ID credentials or fingerprint. Besides the items indicated, you can buy some of the iCloud storage space. Remember that when you redeem your iTunes gift card, the amount of money it gives you sums up with the money you have on your Apple account. It’s not an iTunes-only card; it’s your Apple money available in every other app that sells official Apple content. You can also use it for renting items instead of buying them. This option works great with Apple music, movies and TV series. Regifting the Gift It seems highly improbable for us that someone may not want to use their iTunes gift card, but things like that can happen too. If, for example, you got your card as a holiday gift from Apple and never needed one, you can re-gift it to your friend or relative. You can make a gift to someone in the form of content or iTunes credit. The latter is basically money from your account turned into another gift card. The easiest way is to let them know your gift card code. It won’t be a surprise this way though. For turning an app into a gift, browse it in iTunes, tap the share sheet button and choose ‘Gift’. Then enter an email address and a message for a person you want to make a gift to, then choose a date you want to make your gift or leave ‘Today’ in the date field if you want to make it right away. Making a gift in AppStore is pretty much the same. You just need to tap the more button (the one with three dots) instead of a share sheet. To give your credit money to someone else, open up your App Store, tap ‘Today’, then your profile pic and choose ‘Sen Gift Card by Email’. Enter your recipient’s email address and the message you want to send with your gift card. Tap the amount you’d like to give or enter your own. You can send the card right away or set the time it will reach your friend. Share Your Experience Have you ever received a gift card? Or maybe you gave one to someone else? Was it easy to redeem? What did you spend it on? Please share your iTunes experience with us!   Continue Reading