Buying iPhone Apps With iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift card is something you can give to your friends and relatives so they can choose an app, a music album or a book to buy from Apple services. If someone has purchased a card ahead of you or you got one as a gift from Apple team, here’s how you can use it.

How to Buy Apps With iTunes Gift Card

First of all, check your iTunes gift card balance. You can find it in the iTunes app on your device after redeeming the card.

If you want to spend your gift money on PC, first make sure if you have iTunes app installed. Then act according to the instructions from the previous paragraph. Go to the iTunes store and make sure you are signed into your account or create one. There’s a box with quick links buttons on the right. Find the ‘Redeem’ button and click on it. A pop-up window with empty fields will appear. Enter the information of your gift card, click ‘Redeem’, and your iTunes balance in the top of the screen will change.

If you want to use your iOS device, tap the iTunes icon on your home screen for purchasing music or App Store icon for buying apps. If you entered the iTunes app, scroll to the button of the page and tap ‘Redeem’. If you’re in the App Store, tap the ‘Featured’ button, then ‘Redeem’. Enter the gift card code in the blank field and tap ‘Redeem’ button again. The amount will automatically appear in your account data.

What to Buy With iTunes Gift Card

Everything from iTunes, App Store and iBooks content is available for purchase with your redeemed gift card. You can browse through the media content in the iTunes PC app and choose from Apps, Music, Movies or Books. Every item has a button with the dollar amount indicated, click on it to pay. Each payment needs to be confirmed with your Apple ID credentials or fingerprint. Besides the items indicated, you can buy some of the iCloud storage space.

Remember that when you redeem your iTunes gift card, the amount of money it gives you sums up with the money you have on your Apple account. It’s not an iTunes-only card; it’s your Apple money available in every other app that sells official Apple content. You can also use it for renting items instead of buying them. This option works great with Apple music, movies and TV series.

Regifting the Gift

It seems highly improbable for us that someone may not want to use their iTunes gift card, but things like that can happen too. If, for example, you got your card as a holiday gift from Apple and never needed one, you can re-gift it to your friend or relative.

You can make a gift to someone in the form of content or iTunes credit. The latter is basically money from your account turned into another gift card. The easiest way is to let them know your gift card code. It won’t be a surprise this way though.

For turning an app into a gift, browse it in iTunes, tap the share sheet button and choose ‘Gift’. Then enter an email address and a message for a person you want to make a gift to, then choose a date you want to make your gift or leave ‘Today’ in the date field if you want to make it right away. Making a gift in AppStore is pretty much the same. You just need to tap the more button (the one with three dots) instead of a share sheet.

To give your credit money to someone else, open up your App Store, tap ‘Today’, then your profile pic and choose ‘Sen Gift Card by Email’. Enter your recipient’s email address and the message you want to send with your gift card. Tap the amount you’d like to give or enter your own. You can send the card right away or set the time it will reach your friend.

Share Your Experience

Have you ever received a gift card? Or maybe you gave one to someone else? Was it easy to redeem? What did you spend it on? Please share your iTunes experience with us!